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About Us

Hope Redemption Worship Center is a non-denominational church that is also a 501(C) (3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization formed for the purpose of charitable, educational and religious causes.

Helping people become more passionate, devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We have a team of qualified ministers, with special ministerial talents and abilities under the leadership of the Holy Spirit’s direction and guidance.

Our Mission

Membership is granted to individuals who have a commitment to serve the Lord and are in agreement with some of our prerequisites:

Membership does not put you into bondage with this fellowship. Go where the Lord leads you. However, if you need more information, please contact us.

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Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, but be sure to give us your email or phone number so we can get back to you.

Also, please feel free to join us in Christian worship and community every Sunday at 10 am at Hope Redemption Worship Center.

Our Ministries

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Our Pastors

Winston Blair

International Chaplain

Pastor Winston Blair is the founder of Hope Redemption Worship Center in Conyers, Georgia, a multi-cultural, non-denominational church.

Pastor Denise Blair


Pastor Denise Blair is the Co-Pastor of Hope Redemption Worship Center and the lovely wife of Internationl Chaplain, Winston Blair.

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Why Hope Redemption Worship Center!

What others are saying!

I've visited this church on numerous occasions and found this church to be a wonderful church. Pastor Blair is one of the humblest people in the world and his loving wife is caring and passionate about the souls that walk through their doors.


  • Hope Redemption WC, is a great place to worship with your family...The members are very warm and welcoming and Pastor Blair is anointed ....First Lady Blair always has a welcoming smile for everyone.....Love love love Hope Redemption WC.

  • The church family is filled with love,so much of it that makes you happy to be a part of their family.

"This is just a nice place to worship and has some jovial people," said Ms. O. Shaw

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770 648-6992
2140 Salem Road SE
Conyers, GA 30013